Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A reflection on my excuses for my resent lack of reflections

Yesterday I returned from my vacation back south. It was a lovely trip I will write more on soon, here I'm writing to address something a surprising number of my friends and family expressed: the fact that I haven't written anything in this blog for a long time.

My unintentional hiatus could be blamed on the concussion disrupting my habits, and it could be blamed on the personal entropy which causes all good habits to give way to chaos given enough time. Another contributing factor is that I've become quite attached to another person, and my impulse when I find someone who understands me is to share all of my thoughts with that person. This in time, hopefully, corrects itself, as I calm down and remember all understanding partial, and that even when someone understands something it doesn't always mean they gain from hearing it. All this is to say, since my last post I've found someone who excites me and I've also managed to calm down about it (at least a bit).